Offer Tenant Insurance on your Website

Updated 10 months ago by Matt Huddleston

Offering tenant insurance for your self storage facility increase your profits for your facility. It also offers your tenants peace of mind when they store their stuff on your property. 

Add value to your self storage website

StoragePug integrates directly with your self storage management software to pull in the insurance that you are offering tenants. You don't have to do anything extra to offer your tenants insurance straight from your website! At StoragePug we believe that you should not have to learn arduous skills for your website to generate revenue.

Offer Tenant Insurance on your self storage website
StoragePug lets you offer tenants the option of insurance during the rental process.

If you do not currently offer tenant insurance for you self storage facility SiteLink has some awesome insurance vendors in their Marketplace. Many of our clients use SafeStor and have had excellent experiences. 

This is one of the many features that makes StoragePug special.

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