Standard Self Storage Website Pages

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When it comes to building a self storage website, the pages on the site need to cover a few areas of information and functionality. At StoragePug, we break it down into categories: Rates, Online Bill Pay, Contact, Storage Help, and General Information. If a storage facility's website can adequately cover these categories, it will be able to take care of a tenant's needs.


The highest priority for a self storage facility website is to advertise rental rates. The hub for a facility to advertise online is its website, so there must to be a page that lists out rates for tenants to see. To enhance the experience, StoragePug websites display discounts, inventory, and can use push rates as well.

Displaying discounts is a great way to entice new tenants to take action sooner than later, as well as pick your storage facility over your competition.

Hunter Road Self Storage discounts
Discount on 5x10 units on Hunter Road Self Storage's website.

Displaying inventory counts as they become low is another great way to create urgency, as it lets the potential tenant know time is of the essence if they want to rent this type of unit.

Urgency badges on Rocky Hill Storage's website.
Urgency badges on Rocky Hill Storage's website.

Along with urgency badges, using push rates to increase prices as inventory dwindles is a great way to maximize your monthly income. If you are mostly full, then it would make the most sense to wait it out for a customer willing to pay a higher price.

Online Bill Pay

A great way to minimize delinquency is to offer online bill pay. Making it as convenient and easy as possible for tenants to pay their bill online increases the likelihood that they will pay, and pay on time. It's important for the process to be just as easy to complete on a mobile device as it is on a desktop.

Having a branded portal for users to log in to creates a sense of trust and security with online users, so avoid changing websites or user experiences if possible.

Hunter Road Self Storage portal login
Hunter Road Self Storage portal login.


Over the years, the proliferation of contact pages has created an expectation that any company's website should provide the means to contact that company. The self storage industry is no exception! A contact form along with an easy-to-find phone number, email address, and physical address should be more than enough for anyone on the website to get in touch.

Storage Help

To make a self storage website more useful, it's a good idea to help visitors decide on what size and type of storage they need. The most common way to accomplish that is a size guide.

Texas Bear Creek Storage Size Guide

Other pages that may help visitors are FAQs, Storage Calculator, and Storage Tips. Any combination is fine, as long as the person taking in these materials can be better equipped to make a storage decision.

General Information

Lastly, general information is a great way to add some personality and flair to a self storage website. If it's your website, it should reflect yours and your company's values and personality. Different ways to convey this could be through a blog, an about page, a news letter, fun icons, or simply linking to different social media accounts.

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