​Benefits to Offering Discounts on Your Website

There are many reasons to offer discounts to your tenants directly from your self storage facility website. Maybe you just opened and you want to fill up faster, so you offer a free month. You have a lot of 5x10's available and you want to incentivize those by offering a $1 move in special.

You can set up discounts in your self storage management software and your StoragePug website will immediately show them.

Whatever the reason is you should have full control over what discounts are showing on your website! At
StoragePug our software is designed to be easy for you. There are no new skills that you need to learn to maximize the potential of your website! The website updates when you update your self storage management software.

When you put discounts into your management software, such as Sitelink, they immediately show up on your self storage website! You can see how to enable them to show up on your StoragePug website here.

There are many unique discount ideas that you can offer your customers. There is a really great article written by StorEDGE that talks about some unique discounts you can offer your clients such as Tenant of the Month and Social Media promotions. You can read more about those ideas here.

This is one of the many awesome features that StoragePug offers their clients!

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