Customer Can View and Manage Units

Think about the last time you paid a bill online. What was that process like? You go to the company website, log in to your account, see your details, and make the payment. This is the industry standard. There is no reason your customer shouldn't have that same experience paying their bill and managing their units.

WIth the StoragePug Customer Portal, your customer can do everything they come to expect and more!


Once your customers have claimed their account and log in, they are brought to their custom dashboard. After being greeted by name your customers can see all of their current units, see their total and individual unit balances, and manage each of their units.

Customer Dashboard - StoragePug Platform

Manage Units

Not only does StoragePug want to make sure your customers have a smooth, pleasant experience, we also want to make your life easier too! We have built a number of tools into the customer dashboard to allow your customers to view and make changes to their units.

Unit Summary

When your customer selects a unit, they get to see a summary about the unit. We display the unit type and number, size, move-in date, a link to download their lease, a list of management links, and billing history.

Unit Summary - StoragePug Customer Portal

Make Payment

This option is pretty straight forward! When your customer wants to make a payment, they can do so on the unit page. We show them the current balance information and process their payment directly through your PMS. This ensures the payment is PCI compliant. Because we run the payment through your PMS, this ensures your accounting records are always accurate.

Make Payment - StoragePug Customer Portal


Prepay is an optional feature we can offer for your customers. Many customers want to prepay for their units month in advance so they don't have to worry about monthly payments. We allow them to prepay their units for however many months in advance you would like to allow. This feature is optional and customizable for your business.

Prepay - StoragePug Customer Portal

Update AutoPay

Autopay is such an important feature for you and your customers. We allow your customers to signup for autopay when they rent their unit or anytime they log into their account. If your customer needs to cancel or update their autopay settings, it's as easy as two clicks! All of these settings are updated directly to your PMS.

Update Auto Pay - StoragePug Customer Portal

Partial Payment

If you would like to allow your customers to make partial payments, we have the feature available to do so! Once we turn the feature on, your customer can make a payment for the amount they choose. The payments are processed through your PMS and updated in real-time.

Partial Payment - StoragePug Customer Portal

Move Out

Scheduling a move out date is a feature request we got from both our clients and their customers. We built this feature to make life easier for everyone. Our move out option allows your customers to schedule a move out date. We sync this information to your PMS so you can proactively manage your inventory. This feature is options and can be turned on or off at any time.

Schedule A Move Out Date - StoragePug Customer Portal

Managing units is a key feature your customers have come to expect. We have taken that concept and built features to raise the bar to WOW your customers every time!

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