Online Self Storage Rental Station

Over the last 5 years digital technology has changed; a lot. As digital technology has progressed, customers expectations have changed. Today, customers demand more. This new age customer expects consistency online, on their phone and in person.

40 percent of consumers expect the companies they do business with to provide mobile-friendly websites and online ordering.

To meet the demand of the modern customer, it is important for your storage facilities' website to offer a fluid online rental process. At StoragePug we have carefully designed our online self storage Rental Station to meet the expectations of the modern customer. 

Rent Storage Units on your Website

Yesterday I received a phone call from one of our clients, Rocky Hill Storage. They were excited because in one day they rented 3 storage units and took 4 payments directly from their website, despite being at a high occupancy rate! This happened without us running targeted online ads, which we have had great success driving traffic and rentals on our clients' storage facility website.

"During our first ten years in business, most of our tenants found us by driving past our facility. After we started offering rentals through our website, everything changed. Today, most of our customers are choosing to rent units online."
- Partner, Rocky Hill Storage

When you choose StoragePug as your self storage website provider your tenants get a seamless online rental experience. It functions the same whether your customer is on a computer or renting a unit directly their phone.

Self Storage Management Software Integration

StoragePug's Rental Station integrates directly into your self storage management software, such as SiteLink Web Edition. When a customer rents a storage unit on your website it immediately shows up in your management software. That unit is also no longer able to be rented on your website.

If you offer tenant insurance through your management software you can also offer it on your website!

Online Lease Signing

The self storage rental process is not made complete without signing a lease. StoragePug offers multiple ways for your tenants to sign your rental agreement directly on your website. We have our own slick lease signing software called PugSign, that uses the same lease that is in SiteLink. We also integrate directly with Sitelink's eSign.

Offering a modern self storage Rental Station is one of the many things that makes StoragePug special.

To read more about my favorite StoragePug features, take a look at Storage Unit Rate Optimization: Boost your Profits, Month to Month Billing and Urgency Badge.
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