Payment Portal - Update Tenant Account Info

Welcome to our PugDashboard help series. In this series of videos, we walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your PugDashboard. 


Hello there! Tommy Nguyen with StoragePug.  Today we're going to go over how your tenants can manage their account information from within your payment portal.

So here I am, I'm logged in, I can see my unit.  That's great!  What's kind of nice is I can actually click on our little menu icon at the top right of the screen and the customer can go in here and update their information.  

So I'm going to click "Update Your Info."  And all this information that's displayed here we pull directly from SiteLink.  

And if I were to go in and change my billing address, or my driver's license, or my alternate contact, or even my gate code and I hit "Save," this information gets sent directly back into SiteLink under that tenant's account.

So briefly again from here... from there the home screen of their portal they can click on the menu at the top right and from here Update Your Info, and information gets pulled in.  They can change it, edit it, and then once they hit save this data gets sent right back SiteLink.

Alright, so this was a quick one but today we went over how a tenet can log in and change their tenant information right from inside your payment portal.  

Again my name is Tom, I'm with StoragePug; hope you enjoyed it and see you next time.
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