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Welcome to our PugDashboard help series. In this series of videos, we walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your PugDashboard. 


Hello, this is Matt with StoragePug. I'm going to break down the Website Events Chart, it's at the bottom of your PugDashboard right here. The PugDashboard is where you can have full control over your storage facility's website.

So right now I'm viewing the information for Boardwalk Storage.  Now this is test data so I don't have a ton of data to work with here but I thought that was better than showing you one of our client's actual data.

So we know that we're in Boardwalk because we can look up here and we see it says "Boardwalk Storage," so that's how we know the facility we have selected.

So one of the benefits of a StoragePug website is the deep integrations that it has with your self storage management software.  So we offer the full rental flow on your website as you well know, and with that we track every step of the way so we know when somebody click the button to rent a unit, we know if you offer insurance when they select the insurance, we know when they log in or create an account, then we know if they sign the lease, and then we know when they pay.  

So at every step of the rental process we're able to track the web visitor and know where people are falling out so that way we can enhance the process to keep more people renting more units. 

Now I know some of those features not every one of our clients has so all that may not apply to you, maybe you don't offer insurance, maybe you don't do online lease signing. So here we go, so when we look down at this chart at first if you have multiple locations all of those locations are being shown and you we'll know that 15 people in the last week have clicked the rental unit button to take you to the next stage in the rental process.  

What that looks like is right here, then we click "Rent a unit" and then they get to this page.  So that's what that step is. 

One thing that you can do on here is if you want to view a location-specific event you can click up here and you can toggle each location on and off, and you can toggle that off, and now we have a good view of each location.  And when we hover over it we'll get more detail as to what this means.

Another cool thing about this chart is that you can pick the time frame. So like the other charts it starts at week but then we can also view the events over the last month and over the last year. We also come to this chart and we're at the default for the rentals that have happened on your site. If you would like to see the reservations that have happened on your site you can click right here and then we see that six people have clicked the server unit account claim.  

So we have 10 people have started to reserve a unit, and then of those 10 we have... it looks like these two steps go together so we have eight people they continued with the reservation process, but then only two reserved the unit.

So this is useful data for us and we have a company called Hot Jars we're able to record and we're able to actually watch the visitor sessions at these times and we would be able to go back through this and wonder why only two people actually reserve unit of the eight, we would also know that maybe they went back.  

So maybe some of this data is redundant and the people got close to the end and then they went back and selected a different unit and actually did complete the reservation process with that. 

This is one of the coolest charts that we have on the PugDashboard in my opinion, it gives you very practical useful information as to how web traffic is using your website.  

If you have any other questions you can always reach out to us through the little chat down here in the bottom of the PugDashboard.  We're always available 9:00 through 6:00 Monday through Friday in Eastern Time. If we're not available through the chat you can always schedule an appointment with us also inside of the chat and then we will get with you at your appointment time and make sure you get up to speed.

Thank you and have a great day.
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