Regular Updates

At StoragePug we have taken extra time to build our software with the self storage facility owner in mind. One way that we do this is by offering Regular Updates to all of our clients.

We are constantly working on new features

Since StoragePug has started we have always prioritized adding new features. We are always hearing great ideas that can boost our clients websites. As we add new features we make them available to all of our clients, if they want them. We see this as big advantage to our clients. We want you to get the most our of your website.

We believe that if we are constantly advancing our product, then our clients' self storage facility website should be advancing also. Our features are made exclusively for you to maximize your self storage facilities online presence. Most importantly we are constantly advancing to help you grow your business.

Bugs happen

Bugs are an unfortunate part of programming. We have safeguards in place to minimize the number of bugs that creep into our software. When they do show up we fix them right away and update all of our clients' websites. We don't want you stranded with a website that does not get regular updates. We do our best to keep your site optimized and secure.

This is one of the things that StoragePug does that makes us special.

To read more about my favorite StoragePug features, take a look at Storage Unit Rate Optimization: Boost your Profits, Month to Month Billing and Urgency Badge.
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