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How to Set Up eSign in SiteLink
How to Set Up eSign in SiteLink

Here is how you can set up your eSign lease!

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1. You will want to sign in to your Sitelink Web Edition account, using your credentials.

2. Click on 'Company' on the left sidebar of page.


3. Click 'Setup'


4. Click on 'Electronic Signature;


5. Choose 'SiteLink eSign from drop-down and 'Click the checkbox on the top right 'Enable Electronic Leases'


6. Click 'OK' and save the changes


7. Click 'Yes' to save changes


8. Within setup screen, Click 'Form Setup'


NOTE: For online rentals on your website, we can pull over the Lease, Lease Summary, Insurance and Autopay Authorization forms. Custom category forms CANNOT be used for e-sign during an online rental:

That said, you CANNOT use a Custom category lease. One of SiteLink's standard lease forms(#1-6) needs to be used as your lease if you want e-sign functionality for online rentals on your website.

Lastly, the lease, or leases, you intend to use must be marked with an x in the Used column.

9. Highlight your respective lease that you would like to be your e-sign form, setup page.

REsepctive lease

10. Edit it by selecting at least one keyword. (See the highlighted section for 'lease signing' in blue below).

Pro Tip: At a minimum, the lease must have the ESign.Signature1 keyword in order to work!


11. Click 'Insert' and select 'Keyword'


12. This is your 'keywords' list. Select one of the keywords from this list

Keyword list

13. Your final step is to make sure your unit types are using their respective lease. To verify, go back to 'General Setup' and click on 'Units and Tenants'


14. Click on 'Unit Types'


15. In the 'Lease #' column, look to verify that it's the same number as your lease number. In this example, we were using lease number 1 and you see all the 1s in the column. If the number is wrong, the eSign functionality will not be available.


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