If your domain is registered with GoDaddy (aka your "domain registrar"), you can easily share delegate access with StoragePug using GoDaddy's built-in tools.

Benefits of delegate access:

  1. You maintain full ownership of your domain throughout your partnership with StoragePug.

  2. We handle all the technical details! Woot.

How to share delegate access

GoDaddy has a super helpful step-by-step article here. Handy notes: when GoDaddy asks you for a Name, use "StoragePug". For the email, use "onboarding@storagepug.com".

What permissions do I need to share?

For us to make all the technical changes necessary to make sure customers can visit your new website, we need the "Products & Domains" permission level. You can learn more about GoDaddy's permissions levels here.

What can't we do with delegate access?

No matter what, these are some of the things we will not have access to when you share delegate access with StoragePug:

  • Manage or add payment methods to your account

  • Invite others to access your account

  • View or change your account credentials (like your password or Support PIN)

  • View your order history

What we will never do?

With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. Here are some things we will never do:

  • Cancel a service you have with GoDaddy

  • Sign up or pay for a new service with GoDaddy

  • Transfer or cancel your domain name

  • Share your private information with anyone outside of our organization

  • Change or update your billing information with GoDaddy

  • Disrupt any of your other GoDaddy services

We hope this article helps explain GoDaddy's delegate access feature.

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