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How Do Customers Reset Their Passwords
How Do Customers Reset Their Passwords

This will help you see how customers can reset their passwords and how you can do it yourself in SiteLink.

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Option #1- Through Your Website

1. Go to your website homepage.

2. Click the "Pay Bill" or "My Account" link in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Click the "Forgot your password?" text located above the "Log in" button.

4. Enter your email and click "Reset". We will then email your customer a new password!

5. Your customer can check their email to locate the new password. If they don't see the email, have them check the spam/junk folder!

Option #2 - Through SiteLink

  1. Log in to SiteLink Web Edition.

  2. Under "Customers", Click "Tenants" button.

  3. Double-click the tenant you would like to edit.

  4. Locate the field called "Web Password" under the tenant email.

  5. You can clear this out and enter a temporary password like the customer's phone number or gate code.

  6. The manager (or team member) will share the new password with the tenant. The tenant will be able to change their password once they are logged in.

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