These credentials allow StoragePug to communicate with your SiteLink data, such as unit rates, availability, and tenant info.

Tools You'll Need: SiteLink Corporate Control Center

Important Notes

You'll create a new user called: storagepug
Double check the "Sites" and "Permitted Rights"
You will be creating a password during this tutorial. You will enter this password into the Insights Dashboard.

In case you need it, there's a video below along with a screenshot of all the correct settings.


Step by Step

  1. Open SiteLink Corporate Control Center

  2. Click on "Corporate Users and Rights" on the far left

  3. Click on "Users"

  4. Add New User

  5. Check the "All Sites" checkbox

  6. Check the following Permitted Rights:API AggregatorAPI All ReportsAPI Insurance ReportsAPI RegularCorporate AdministratorRevenue ManagementSite Management

  7. For the User Information: User Name: storagepug - Password: you make one up! Email:

How-To Video

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