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How Do Online Reservations Integrate with SiteLink Lead-to-Lease?
How Do Online Reservations Integrate with SiteLink Lead-to-Lease?

In this help article, we'll show you how you can find your new lead's contact information in SiteLink's Lead-to-Lease module.

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Congrats on your new Online Reservation! In this help article, we'll explain what contact information in sent to SiteLink's Lead-to-Lease module, what email you receive, and what to do after you get a reservation.

What is SiteLink Lead To Lease?

SiteLink Lead To Lease is where you manage your leads and reservations. This can be done from SiteLink Web Edition on your Windows computer or online from SiteLink's MyHub.

What Info is Sent To Lead To Lease?



-Phone Number

-Move-In Date




What Email Do We Get?

StoragePug will send an email to the manager and whoever else would like to receive this confirmation. This email will have all of the details about the reservation like the unit number, rate, move-in date, and more.

Your customer will also receive a similar confirmation email with all of their reservation details. We can add a customized message for each location to let your customers know what their next steps are after they have completed a reservation.

What Do I Do After A Reservation?

Pug Pro Tip: Follow-up is key! You will want to call this customer within 15 minutes of getting the confirmation email. This will ensure that your customer stops shopping online and will help make sure that the customer arrives for their reservation.

When it's time to move the customer in, you will just go into SiteLink Lead to Lease, find the reservation, and complete the move-in from there.

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