Sending emails directly from SiteLink is an awesome feature. You can send welcome emails all the way to payment reminders.

If you use Google Gmail or Google Workspace, this is how you do it!

Note: Gmail addresses end in "", while G Suite addresses end in your company's domain name, ie. "". Both types of accounts are known as your "Google Account". This will be the account that SiteLink will use to send emails.


Step-by-step How-to

Let's go!

  1. Open SiteLink Web Edition

  2. Click on "Setup" along the top

  3. Click on "Email"

  4. Put in these settings:

  • Email Type: "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)"

  • SMTP Server Address:

  • SMTP Port: 587

  • Use SSL: Checked

  • SMTP Username: your Google Account email address

  • SMTP Password: your Google Account password

Click "Ok" to save

If you'd like, click on "Test E-Mail" to test your settings

Your screen will look something like this:

Now you're good to go!

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