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Self Storage Website Rental and Reservation Date Picker
Self Storage Website Rental and Reservation Date Picker

Allow your customers to rent and reserve units for future days.

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StoragePug has created a platform that adapts to each and every storage business model. One way we have ensured we are doing so is by allowing your customers to rent and reserve units for future days. This will let your customers who are planners know they will have a unit available when they need it.

As Few or As Many Days You Would Like

We know that taking rentals and reservations in advance can prevent potential income, so we have built this feature to be fully customizable. We typically recommend for facilities needing to lease up to allow rentals and reservations for no more than 30 days in advance. For facilities that are well established we recommend allowing anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Reservation Date Selector

Restrict Select Days of The Week and Holidays

We have built the date-picker feature to restrict rentals and reservations on a per day of the week basis. If your office is closed on Sundays and you don't want anyone to rent or reserve for that specific day, we can block Sundays on the website. We have also created the ability to block rentals and reservations on any/all holidays.

We have decided to take that one step further. When a customer comes to your website on any other day, but not your restricted days, we default to move them in the same day and don't require them to select another day (Speed).

What happens when they visit the website on a Sunday? We build a quick and easy step into the process that will require them to select a day to move in and only display the available days (Simplicity).

Restricted Day Selector - Sundays and Mondays

It's all about giving the self-storage facility manager one less thing to add to their already busy day!

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