Reliability Is Key

When it comes to online marketing, the reliability of hosting is key. A website along with online advertising and branding is a representation of the organization in all aspects. If a website goes down, the fault lies with the company in charge of the web hosting, but an online visitor doesn't know about this or care. Instead, their perception of that company is potentially (and likely) tainted.

Much like a vehicle should be reliable and safe when getting you from point A to point B, the vehicle for your online branding should be reliable and safe to load your content every time.

Scalable Hosting

When we were deciding how to host our clients' websites, our criteria were straightforward: security, reliability, and scalability. There are many hosting providers that can provide these three things, so the next step was to find the best combination.

Leveraging the best parts of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, StoragePug has the best offering in security, reliability, and scalability. Both Amazon and Google have content distribution networks around the globe. This means that anyone anywhere can just as easily access websites hosted by StoragePug. On top of that, it doesn't matter how many people try to access one of our websites at any given moment. With clustering, we dynamically provide resources to the sites that need them on-demand.

The best part is that our world-class hosting is included free in all of our packages. It's just one more way to show we care.

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