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Claim Your Account with Gate Code or Phone Number
Claim Your Account with Gate Code or Phone Number

How your customers will claim their online account using their gate code or phone number.

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When a tenant rents a unit from you in-person or over the phone, they will need to claim their online account if they would like to pay their bill on your website moving forward. Let's have a look at how your tenant can claim their online account on your website.

To claim an online account, the tenant needs to have their gate access code and unit number, both of which most people have memorized.

The Payment Portal integrates with SiteLink, so your tenant can now stay on your website to pay for their unit or set up auto-pay - all without ever leaving your website.
โ€‹Note: If your facility doesn't have a gate, we have you covered too! Instead of asking for the Gate Access Code, we can ask the customer for the phone number they have on file with you in SiteLink. Either the Phone or Mobile number on the tenant's profile in SiteLink will work.

If you want to change the claim process to the phone number, just shoot us a message and we can get that changed for you.

Note: If a tenant has multiple units at your facility and they are linked under one tenant profile in SiteLink, then the tenant would only need to claim one unit. The other units would be brought over and will appear on the tenant's website portal dashboard. If the units are not linked under one tenant profile in SiteLink, we recommend doing so.

Step 1 - Click Login | Pay Bill Button in Your Menu

Step 2 - Click Claim My Unit and Crate An Account

Step 3 - Fill Out The Information and Click Claim Account

*** The Gate access code and Unit Number must match exactly as they are in SiteLink. If the tenant is in, let's say, unit 015, they must enter 015. If they enter 15, they would get an error message as it isn't an exact match of their unit number in SiteLink.

Now your customers can log in and pay their bills online!

Pug Pro Tip: If you have a tenant who is having issues with the above process, you can always manually claim the unit for them in SiteLink.

In their SiteLink tenant profile, you would just enter the tenant's email address they want to use to login, and then you would need to create a password for them (use their phone number as an option).

When you do this, the tenant will now be able to login without claiming their account because you did that for them manually in SiteLink.

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