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How To Pay All Units At Once - SiteLink Integration
How To Pay All Units At Once - SiteLink Integration

Customer portal payment functions for SiteLink websites

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Making online payments has become the norm for any bill. We wanted to take that norm and make it better! This article will cover the customer portal, which allows tenants to pay for multiple units at once!

Pay All Units At Once

When SiteLink generates each billing period, the option to pay multiple units will appear. You can only pay all units at once if there is a balance due.

For example, let’s say it is July 15th, and you are wanting to pay your August monthly rent for your three units. In this scenario, you are not going to see Pay all units option unless you have an outstanding balance.


If you are paid through the end of July, there is still the option to prepay your August monthly dues, but you will have to do that on each unit.

If you don’t prepay your August rent in July, then come August 1, you will have a balance due. Then you will have the option to Pay all units.

For more on prepay, see our article on it.

Different Billing Dates

If multiple units have different billing dates, you can set up or adjust your autopay settings individually to avoid late payments by clicking "Pay/Manage Unit" under each unit type.

The customer portal also allows manual prepayments by clicking "Pay/Manage Unit" under each unit type.

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