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Are Chatbots Worth Adding?
Are Chatbots Worth Adding?

Chatbot Integration

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Are Chatbots Worth Adding?

Great question! Unless you have someone that is at the chat all of the time, we typically recommend against chat windows. We have found that if there is a delay in responses to chats, customers get very impatient and will completely leave the website or even leave a negative review.

Still Interested? We Recommend Crisp

If you do have someone that can be dedicated to the chat-bot, we recommend Crisp for your website chat-bot! Here is the link: They have a free version and it's super easy to use!
We also recommend each person on the response team having their own account. Here's how to set that up:

If you decide to incorporate Crisp on your website, simply send us the code and we will add it to your website! Her is an example of what the email will look like in your inbox:

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