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Contact Information on Self Storage Websites
Contact Information on Self Storage Websites

Making it easy for potential tenants to ask you about important information

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A primary function for a website is to open up a channel for communication. It should be effortless to find out relevant contact information on a self-storage website.

Make it Easy to be Contacted

To make it easy for anyone to make contact with you by finding information on your website, you're going to need to place relevant information in multiple places.

At StoragePug we believe that when someone comes to your self-storage website they should be able to get all the information that they need, without scrolling around and searching for it.

Helping Self-Storage Facility Managers be More Efficient

We want to make sure the information that self-storage facility managers have to read is pertinent information. There is nothing like reading through paragraphs of information, only to realize you cannot offer this person a solution to their problem.

With the StoragePug contact form, we lead the site visitors to enter information that will help both you and them. This gives self-storage managers the information they need to better help their potential tenants more efficiently!

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