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Storage Unit Push Rate Optimization: Boost your Profits
Storage Unit Push Rate Optimization: Boost your Profits

Automatically adjust unit rates on your website with StoragePug's automatic SiteLink's Push Rate sync.

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The REITs are using a price optimization strategy to maximize profits by adjusting unit prices. They do so based on a number of factors, such as the availability of a certain unit and the occupancy rate.

There are tools out there to let you be able to do the same. SiteLink has a really good tool called the SiteLink Price Optimizer. It is built right into SiteLink so that you can take control of 1 self storage facility or 100.

Show SiteLink Push Rates on Your Website

Your StoragePug website will automatically show those adjusted unit rates if you have the price optimization feature turned on.

If the push rate in SiteLink is higher than the standard rate, we will just replace the standard rate with the push rate and the customer will know no difference.

If the push rate is lower than the standard rate, we will slash out the standard rate and show the discounts push rate to the customer.

Automatically adjusting your self storage facilities' unit prices is one of the many useful features StoragePug offers their clients to maximize their revenue.

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