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What Types of Discounts Should You Offer
What Types of Discounts Should You Offer

The tricks to creating effective self-storage discounts!

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There are many reasons to offer discounts to your tenants directly from your self storage facility website. Maybe you just opened and you want to fill up faster, so you offer a free month. Maybe you have a lot of 5x10's available and you want to incentivize those by offering a $1 move in special. Whatever the reason is you should have full control over what discounts are showing on your website!


Where Do You Start

The first thing to think about when creating a discount is what are your facilities needs. If your facility has a large amount of vacant 5x5 units, begin by looking at ways to discount those units.

In this circumstance, the idea is to make a 5x5 unit a better value than a 10x10 unit, or whatever your most popular unit is, to get people moved in to that unit.

Move-In Discounts

Move-In discounts are one of the most effective ways to increase your occupancy percentage. Good examples of a move-in discount would be:

-$1 Move-In Special!

-50% off first 2 months

-Free lock and no admin fees

Be sure to be careful with the SiteLink settings if applying the discount to the first month as it can interfere with Pro-Rating settings.

- Pro Tip

Do not extend discounts beyond the first or second month of a lease.

Once people have taken the time to move into a unit, it is not worth the hassle of moving out despite a price increase

Other Types Of Discounts

You are more than likely familiar with the "Move-In" discount, but there are also "Evergreen" discounts that you could be offered to tenants.

A great example of an Evergreen discount is offering 10%-off each month to active military personnel or veterans. These types of discounts are great for supporting the community! With that being said, if you have a surplus of a certain unit type, a move-in discount is more effective at filling those units.

Referrals and the Referral Prize

At StoragePug, we take pride in having conversations with our clients in the storage industry. One of the most creative ways and effective ways we have heard of clients getting referrals is by offering a referral prize. Rather than offering a referral discount, this client has a yearly drawing for a trip for 2 on a cruise. Each referral a tenant makes gets another ticket into the drawing.

This sounds like quite the expense to a storage facility. However, with cruise prices declining, it is quite a great deal for a storage facility, especially if you are able to fill 5 or more units. It doesn't have to be a cruise either, it could be whatever prize.

StoragePug Can Help

A StoragePug website is designed to be easy for you! All the tools you need to maximize the potential of your website are already at your disposal!
StoragePug websites are fully integrated with SiteLink self-storage management software. Create a discount in SiteLink, and it will show up on your website, automatically!

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