Your favorite tenants are the ones who pay on time every month. Sometimes, when a tenant logs in, their Payment Portal shows that they have $0 balance. Not good!

In this Help Article, we'll go over what's happening and how to fix the case where tenants see the dreaded $0 balance when they log in.


What your tenant sees when there are duplicate entries in SiteLink

What's Happening

Simply, the tenant has two or more entries in SiteLink. In the software, you'll see multiple tenants listed with the same email address. The way you can tell that they are truly different accounts is based on the Gate Code.


SiteLink makes sure each tenant has to have a different gate code

What Causes This

Usually this happens when a tenant moves in. Instead of linking their account with an existing account in SiteLink, someone created a brand new "tenant".

The duplicate accounts can also be created online. When a tenant rents or reserves online, they create an account that's synced with SiteLink. Normally this is awesome, but if the tenant didn't complete the rental or reservation, their account is "orphaned" and isn't associated with an actual unit.

In either case, your tenant wants to pay their bill, so let's help them!

Help Me Fix It

We got you covered! We recorded a full walk-through video that shows you how to handle this situation. Your tenant will be able to log in and pay in no time!

Tools you'll need:

  1. SiteLink Web Edition

  2. A computer

  3. A bit of patience

You can follow along with the steps below:

  1. Open SiteLink Web Edition

  2. Click on the Tenants Module

  3. At the top right, uncheck the two boxes that say "Show only Primary Tenants" and "Show only Current Tenants"

  4. Click on the Email column to sort your tenants by Email address

  5. Scroll until you find the duplicate entries. You'll know they're duplicates because the Gate codes are different

  6. Select the "bad" account that isn't assigned a unit

  7. You can either delete this tenant OR change the email address. We recommend simply changing the email address

  8. Inform your tenant to try to log in again or change their password!

Help this helps!

As always, we're happy to help if you get stuck!

Click here for a full-screen version of the video or click play to watch below!

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