There’s a lot of different data that flows through your website - about your visitors, your units, and your leads. This data is essential for understanding and growing your business!

Whether you’re a “data person” or not, we’ve built out dashboards specifically for self storage that make it easy to understand what’s happening on your website - without needing a Ph.D.

Types of Data

We are tracking all of the vital information you need to know how your website is performing and to help you make more informed business decisions.

Examples of the data we are tracking:

  • Website Visitors - Amount of visitors, devices used, days of the week, view their location on a map, and more.

  • Lead Sources - How did your leads find your website, what types of leads came from specific sources, what actions did visitors make when visiting from paid ads, and more.

  • Rental/Reservations - Amounts of rentals and reservations from the website, lists of all customer details who have rented/reserved, list of actions customers make after a rental/reservation, and more.

  • Conversions - View the number of people who start booking a unit, view the amount of steps they are taking, track how many are completing a booking vs how many are dropping off, and more.

Multiple Filter Options

To make it as easy as possible for you to filter the dashboards to find the information that you need, we have multiple filtering options.

  • Filter By Location - If you have multiple locations, you can filter your dashboards to see the information per location and even with multiple facilities at once.

  • Filter By Date - Looking to run a report for a specific date range? Our Insights Dashboards allow you to set a custom start and end date to see that data that matters during any time frame you need.

  • Prebuilt Filters - Our prebuilt filters allow you to quickly select a period of time to easily run a report. If you are looking for data for the last 30 days or over over this current year, you can simply select the corresponding prebuilt filter and the date ranges will get pre-filled automatically.

Regular Data Updates

We want to make sure that when you want to check your dashboards, the information is up to date. Our Insights Dashboards are updated once every hour with all of the new events and actions that have occurred.

Learn More About Each Data Widget

With all of the data that is being collected, we display it in multiple different formats like bar charts, pie charts, maps, and counters. With all of this information so easily accessible, we want to make sure you always understand what is being displayed and how it can be helpful.

You will find a helpful tooltip on each dashboard widget that will provide additional information about what the widget is reporting, how to understand the information, and what actions you can take with the information.

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