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Getting Started with Insights Calendar
Getting Started with Insights Calendar

This article will explain what the StoragePug Insights Calendar is, how it works, and the ways you can use it.

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Check in on your website activity at a glance! From new form submissions to online rentals, get a bird’s-eye view of what’s been happening on your website.

Customer Actions That Show on the Calendar

When important customer actions happen on your website, they will show up automatically on your Calendar.

All accounts will see these actions:

  • Reservations

  • New Lead

If you are using our SiteLink integration, you will also see the following actions:

  • Rentals

  • Form Submitted

  • New Contact

  • Logins

  • Claim Account

  • Payments & Payments Multiple

  • Autopay Update

  • Login Unsuccessful

  • Reset Password

  • Update Password

  • Schedule Move-Out

  • Update Information

  • SiteLink eSign

  • SiteLink Leased Signed Before Reminder

  • SiteLink Leases Opened

  • Payment Unsuccessful

Multiple Filter and View Options

Filter the calendar view to focus on whatever information that you need. We have multiple filtering options.

  • View By Range - You can view the calendar in multiple different date ranges. Select the month view to see all actions month by month. Select the week view to see the actions on a weekly breakdown. You can also view the calendar in a list view to see all of the events per month in a list format.

  • Filter By Location - If you have multiple locations, you can filter your calendar to see the information per location and even with multiple facilities at once.

  • Filter By Action - Looking to run a report for a specific customer action? Our Insights Calendar allows you to select specific actions to view on the calendar. Select a single action, multiple actions, or by default, it will show all actions. This filter is perfect if you focus on one action, like rentals and reservations, that happened on your website.

View More Details About Each Action

Viewing more information about each set of actions is simple. If you click on the action that you are interested in, you will see a popup with more details about that action and day.

For example, if you saw “(4) Reservation”, simply click on that action and we will list each reservation and the details about each reservation. If you are interested in a specific reservation, take it one step further by clicking on that specific reservation. You will now see a quick overview of that customer and their reservation details.

Regular Data Updates

We want to make sure that when you want to check your calendar, the information is up to date. Our Insights Calendar is updated once every hour with all of the new actions that have occurred.

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