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Tenant Confirmation Emails
Tenant Confirmation Emails

Tenant Confirmation Emails

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StoragePug automatically sends out email alerts when your tenants interact with your website. While these alerts are customizable, they help your facility stay informed every step of the way.

Types of Alerts


Rental/Reservation Confirmation

These notifications are almost identical and will include your custom message at the top of the email. This custom message usually includes any important information about any next steps and can be changed at any time by either reaching out to the Client Success team or on your own at

Reservation Confirmation

Pro Pug Tip! Among other things, you can edit the verbiage rental/confirmation success email on our Insights Platform in Location Editor! Good Ole DIY!

Gate Code

Reservation Move-in Reminder (Unit Manager Only)


Autopay Setup/Change

Move-Out Requested

Pro Pug Tip! The Move-out message is customizable within Location Editor on our Insights Platform!!

Lease Reminder

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