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What To Expect In Training
What To Expect In Training
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Once your website is live, it is time to connect with our Client Success team for a training session! This article will explain what you can expect during your training session!

Training Outline

Training will take about 30-45 min and will cover the following topics:

  1. You, Your Company, Your Goals - You can think of this as a fun ice breaker so that Client Success can learn about how to best support you in the future.

  2. Website Rundown - This section will cover our Insights platform and how your website operates.

  3. SiteLink Integration or Unit Manager Overview - If your website integrates with SiteLink, we will cover how that works with your website. If your website is built for Unit Manager, we do a brief overview of where settings are located.

  4. Email Notifications - This section will cover what kind of email alerts the facility and tenants receive when they interact with your website, including the customer portal, rentals, and reservations.

  5. Google My Business - This section will talk about how StoragePug sets up your GMB profile, and what next steps you can take to achieve your short and long-term goals for capturing more leads.

  6. Insights Dashboards - This section will cover our powerful Insights data dashboards and how you can access and use them to gain more information about how your website interactions, rentals, and reservations.

  7. Customer Portal - This section will cover what tenants can do within the customer portal, including payments, autopay adjustments, and general contact info updates

  8. How To Get Help - This section will cover the easiest ways to contact the Client Success team, including our operating support hours.

  9. Additional Questions - Lastly, this section will allow you follow up with any questions from the training!

How Can I Prepare?

  • Have your questions written down in advance so we can address everything on your mind during our time together.

  • Test your computer to make sure it's set up for a Zoom call. If you don't have a camera, make sure to locate one.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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