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"Request a Quote" Form Submission Best Practices
"Request a Quote" Form Submission Best Practices

You just received a Request a Quote or Contact Form email, now what?

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"Request a Quote" and Contact Forms are great ways for you to capture leads for your self-storage facility. But what are the best practices for handling leads generated from Contact Forms and "Request a Quote" forms?

Be timely

Many times potential tenants select a unit size that is not available, that information is then emailed to the facility manager. It's important to reach out to that person as soon as possible, whether by email or phone call.

The more time that goes on before that potential tenant is contacted, the more likely they are to shop around and find a different storage solution.

PugPro tip:

Call the potential Tenant in addition to email. This allows you to better find out the potential tenant's needs and perhaps you have a different unit size that could still work for them.

Things to mention in the email:

When reaching out by email, be sure to be timely and brief. Giving unnecessary information to this potential tenant is not a good thing.

Things to mention would be:

  • Mention units that are a similar size

  • Find out when they need the unit by (in case you have a Move-Out scheduled)

  • If recommending a larger unit, mention any active discounts on that particular unit

  • Invite the potential tenant to call during the office hours

  • Give the office hours

Taking care of leads while at 100% occupancy

Being at 100% occupancy is a great thing! But it's still always good to be gathering leads! If someone fills out a Contact Form or Quote Request, it's a great way to have a pipeline of future tenants in case someone moves out.

Things to do for leads while at 100%:

  • Contact the lead and politely explain that you are at 100%, but you could add them to be notified if a unit becomes available.

  • Add that lead to your Lead to Lease.

Taking care of potential tenants can be as important as taking care of current tenants.

By following these tips, you know you will be making a great impact on a tenant for the future!

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