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Make the most out of every lead with Insights Lead Manager
Make the most out of every lead with Insights Lead Manager

This article will explain the different features of Lead Manager and how to use them.

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Lead Manager allows you to manage website leads, reservations, follow-ups, and keep track of your customer’s information. Set lead statuses, log notes, and send text message review requests, so you make the most out of every lead and tenant!

Lead Profile

Lead Manager is your centralized place for all of your leads. When someone fills out a form, requests a quote, or makes a reservation, a new profile will appear automatically in Lead Manager.

Log Notes, Calls, and Emails

Log important Notes, Calls, or Emails from Leads and Tenants for the whole team to see. Once a log is added, it’ll appear in the “All Activity” feed.

Log Unit

Log Tenant move-ins or move-outs here! Add details to the notes, so you know why they chose your facility or why they had to leave.

Lead Status

Sort and manage your Leads, Tenants, and Contacts easily and efficiently! Change the status so you and your team know exactly what to do with every opportunity.

When a new contact is automatically added to Lead Manager, they will be listed as a “New Lead.” Once you’ve contacted them, you can change their status to “Active Lead” to indicate that they’ve been handled.

Pug Pro Tip: Contacts only show up as “Tenants” if you’ve manually changed their status or if they’ve logged in to pay their bill. Double-check that you’re logging Contacts who you know are Tenants.

Contact Info

Click the purple pencil icon to manually update or add contact information for a Lead or Tenant.

Lead Activity

Click on a Contact to view their Activity.

All Activity

Summarizes the lead’s website activity, form submissions, status changes, and team notes.

Page Views

Catalogs website the Lead’s visits. Click “See Details” for an in-depth look at the specific pages they viewed, the device type, browser, and time.

Unit Clicks

See which specific units a Lead clicked on to explore.

Form Submission

Any time a Lead or Contact fills out a form on your website, it will show here (and in the All Activity view).

Text Message Review Requests

Getting reviews is vital to your self storage facility, so we’ve made asking for reviews as easy as possible! Click Ask to write review.

Confirm the Location and Phone number are correct and review the Message that will be texted to your Tenant. It will automatically be personalized with your Tenant’s name, but you can make any manual adjustments you want.

The Review Link will take your Tenant directly to your Google My Business page with a review pop up. Click the purple Review link if you want to confirm your link.

When you’re ready, just click “Send SMS” and watch the five-star ratings start rolling in!

Next Action Reminders

Lead Manager helps you follow up with new Leads and Tenants by adding reminders to your "Next action" sections.

Next Actions for Leads

When someone fills out a form on your website they show up here! They’ll show up as a “New Lead” until you log your follow-up or change their status.

You can note your communication from their profile by clicking their name or from right here by hovering over “Contact Lead.”

Next Actions for Tenants

New Tenants will end up here as a reminder to send a review request. Click “Ask for a review” to see the review request message that you can text them directly from this dashboard.

Contacts View

Below the next action sections, you’ll find your Contacts View, which provides a filterable list of all your Contacts.

Use the preset Tabs to view Leads or Contacts that fit a certain category or filter columns like you would a spreadsheet.

Pug Pro Tip: Select the checkbox beside multiple Contacts to apply a bulk action - like logging calls or even bulk text message review requests.

Adding New Contacts, Location Filters, and Easy Search

Add new contact

If you have a phone call or walk-in lead, no problem! You can manually add new contacts to Lead Manager by clicking the “New Contact” button in the top right.

Filter locations

If you have multiple locations, use the Location Selector to filter your dashboard view by specific locations.

Easy Search

Searching for a specific contact has never been easier! At the top of the Lead Manager page, you can click on the search box. The advanced search options allow you to search by name, email, phone number, status, location, and more.

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