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Texting a Customer for a Google Review in Lead Manager
Texting a Customer for a Google Review in Lead Manager

This article will show you how to text your customers to get a Google review, right from Insights Lead Manager.

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Getting reviews is a vital part of any self storage facilities marketing efforts.

How to Send a Review Request

All you have to do is open the Insights dashboard, go to the leads section, and click "Ask for a review". A prefilled draft of your text message will appear. You can customize the message however you would like.

Be sure to verify that the location and tenant phone number are correct.

Pug Pro Tip: One of the best ways to increase the chances of a tenant writing a review is to make sure they know you're about to send them a text with a link. When a client has a great experience, capitalize on it by asking them to share it on Google and send them the text message!

Where to Go to Send a Review Request

Sending a review request is simple! You can send a review request from two different locations in Lead Manager.

Next Actions for Tenants

When a contact status is changed to Tenant, that contact automatically appears in the "Next actions for Tenants" section. This section is your go-to place to manage which tenants you haven't sent a review request to.

A contact becomes a tenant if they rent a unit on your website, log in to pay their bill or is manually updated.

All you have to do is click the "Ask for a review" button, the prefilled text will populate, and you just click Send SMS. This will automatically take that tenant off of the "Next actions for Tenants" section.

Lead Profile

When you open any of your contact's lead profile page, you will see the "Ask to Write review" button at the top right. Click the button, customize your message, and send your request!


When should I text a customer for a review?

Good times to text a customer for a review when they are moving into a new unit after they make a payment on an existing unit, or when they are moving out.

Can my customers text me back?

Customers can't text the number back. The text comes from a generic marketing number.

What happens when a customer clicks the review link?

Your customer is brought directly to your Google My Business listing for your storage facility. They will be asked to select the star rating and to leave a message for the review.

How do I change the phone number the text is going to?

You can simply edit the tenant's phone number in the "Personal contact info" section of the profile page.

How do I know if I have already sent a review request?

Each time you send a request, a note is made on the All Activity section of that contact's profile.

What phone number does the text review tool in Lead Manager text from? Can I change it?

The phone number used by the text review tool in Lead Manager is: (865) 205-8411‬. The number cannot be changed, however the text message can be personalized. That way, your tenants can know it's you!

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