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How we calculate your online revenue
How we calculate your online revenue

This article gives a quick overview of how we calculate the new and total online revenue StoragePug has helped bring into your business.

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Keeping track of your revenue is one of the most important parts of managing your facility.

At the bottom of your Schedule Email Reports, you'll find summaries of your online revenue. Here's how we come up with those numbers:

Our Summaries

New revenue this month

These numbers highlight your new online rentals that began only in the current month.

Revenue last 10 months

These numbers aggregate all the online rental revenue over the last 10 months and assume that tenants will stay the industry average of 10 months long.

For example, if a tenant has been paying $100 per month for 6 months, then they would account for $600 towards the total online revenue.

Average Length of Stay

The industry standard for the average length of stay of a tenant is 10 months long, so our summaries are estimates using that average!

If a tenant stays longer (or shorter) than 10 months, those numbers won't be reflected in our summaries. Think of these numbers as quick snapshots of your online business, not precise reports.

Pug Pro Tip: Calculate your actual length of stay across all your customers for a precise revenue calculation.

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