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Logging into Insight is Easy!
Logging into Insight is Easy!

Passwordless login, Google Sign-In, and Facebook Login make accessing Insights easy.

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Passwordless Login

Passwords are hard. Most modern systems require users to set complex passwords that are hard to crack but equally hard to remember.

Many users end up using the same password across many services, and this makes them more vulnerable to potential identity or information theft.

The Insights Dashboard allows you to log in smoothly without relying on hard to remember passwords.

To log into the Insights dashboard, visit

All you have to do is type in your email and click Get Magic Link. An email is sent that contains a link that will log you in.

How to Connect A Different Facebook or Google Account

If you would like to be able to log into Insights with Facebook or Google with an email that is different than your Insights Account, follow these instructions.

Once logged in to the Insights Dashboard go to your Security settings section.

The Authentication section will allow you to connect any Facebook or Google account, even it has a different email address than the one connected to Insights.

Click the button of the Provider you would like to connect to your account. You may be asked to log in to the Provider if you aren't already logged in.

We automatically associate your Insights account with the Provider you chose. You will know that your account is connected if you see an option to Disconnect.

Bam! Now you can log in to the Insights Dashboard by simply clicking the button of the Provider you just added!

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