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How do leads show up in Lead Manager?
How do leads show up in Lead Manager?

Leads will automatically show up and get assigned based on the actions they took on your website.

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Leads are the fuel that keeps your storage facility running. With Lead Manager, you can convert your website traffic into leads and then into paying Tenants!


This article will help you better understand how leads show up in Lead Manager and what statuses are assigned to them.

How do leads get into Lead Manager?

Leads will show up when a website visitor gives us their name and email. A lead will automatically show up in Lead Manager. Here are some scenarios where leads are captured.

  • A contact or request a quote form is filled out

  • A unit is rented or reserved

  • A current tenant logs in to pay their bill

Leads can also be manually added to Lead Manager. The only required fields for contact setup are first name and email.

The email address cannot be changed! This is how we identify a lead.

To add a new lead, simply click "New contact" in the upper right-hand corner!

Alright, let's talk about the different types of Leads:

Pug Pro Tip: Lead categories can be changed at any time within a profile!

Lead Statuses

Depending on the way a lead was added to Lead Manager different statuses are applied.

There are 4 statuses that a lead can be:

  • New Lead

  • Active Lead

  • Tenant

  • Unqualified

New Lead

A new lead is simply someone where we don't know if they are a prospective tenant or what their intent is.

A contact is a new lead if one of the following actions occurs:

  • filled out a contact form

  • filled out a request a quote form

  • a lead is manually created

For websites with SiteLink integration: A contact can also become a new lead if they started a Rental or Reservation, created an account, but did not complete it.

Active Lead

An active lead is someone that has expressed interest in becoming a tenant but isn't officially one yet.

A contact will become an active lead if they reserved a unit.


A tenant is a paying customer.

A contact automatically becomes a tenant if they rent a unit or log in to pay their bill.

Reminder: Contacts are automatically assigned to a location based on the action they took when becoming a contact.


An unqualified lead is someone who came into the system, but we found out they are not currently ready to become a tenant. An example is someone who inquired about a 10x30 unit, but there are none available.

A contact will never automatically be set as Unqualified. To change this, you will need to manually update the status.

Reminder: Insights Lead Manager pulls in all website traffic and interactions directly from your website and does not integrate with SiteLink, Call centers, or third-party vendors like Sparefoot.

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