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How to Use Scheduled Email Reports
How to Use Scheduled Email Reports

This article will explain Scheduled Email Reports and how to set them up.

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Scheduled Email Reports are a powerful tool that help you and your team get the data you need, when you need it.

What are Scheduled Email Reports?

Scheduled Email Reports takes the important activity, data, and performance from your website and emails it directly to you or your team - at whatever interval you choose.

Where are Scheduled Email Reports?

Scheduled Email Reports are all about convenience, and creating the reports is no different! You can access the Scheduled Email Reports by clicking the Manage Reports button in the top right area of the screen, as well as the left Insights menu

Creating Your First Report

To create your first report, click the Manage reports button in the top right of the screen, or the Email reports tab on the left menu.

Click Create new report to make your first website performance Scheduled Email Report.

Different Report Types

Get the data and insights you need from our list of curated reports:

  • Rentals & Reservations: Check up on the rentals and reservations happening on your website, when they’re happening, and where they’re coming from.

  • Website Activity: Keep up with your most important website activity like traffic, page views, and visitor location.

  • Lead Activity: Learn more about your leads and see exactly how they’re finding you.

  • Customer Behavior: Keep up with the events and actions tenants take on your website - from logins to payments.

  • Facility Overview: An overview of the online activity happening on your website.

Once you’ve selected a Report, click Next. You can always edit or change reports later.

Pug Pro Tip: Preview the different report types by selecting one and sending a test email to yourself or someone on your team.

Customize and Edit Your Report

Choose the Subject of your email, how often you want your reports, what day of the week, and, if you have multiple locations, which locations you want to be included in the report.

Change the frequency, location, or recipient list for any of your existing reports. Or, remove Reports you don't want anymore.

Add/Remove Report Recipients

To add/remove report recipients from a Scheduled Email Report, click the Edit button on the report you want to edit. Now you can add email recipients in the Email List text box, and you can also delete recipients from the list by clicking the red x next to their name.

Delete or Pause a Scheduled Email Report

Sometimes you no longer need to receive a report, or in some cases, you just want to pause sending the report. With Scheduled Email Reports, you have the ability to delete or pause reports that you have created.

Manage Your Reports

All Scheduled Email Reports are editable and can be paused or deleted at any time. You can manage all of your reports from the Scheduled Email Reports dashboard.


What time of day are the reports emailed?

Email reports are sent around 9 am EST.

Does an email recipient have to be set up as a user in Insights?

The email recipient does not have to be an Insights user.

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