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How to Share Photos and Videos with StoragePug
How to Share Photos and Videos with StoragePug

Learn the best practices when it comes to sending us facility photography and videography.

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When it comes to showcasing your facility, having awesome photography and videography on your website is a key factor in building trust with visitors and prospective tenants!

When you send us photos, we ask:

  • Photos should be around 2500 pixels in width for best resolution on the website

  • Photos should be in landscape mode when possible

  • When possible, take photos on a sunny day with good lighting

When you send us videos, we ask:

  • Video clips are 45-60 seconds long

  • 1080p or higher resolution

  • Videos are formatted in MP4 or M4V

Check out this great resource site where one of our Website Specialists explains and demonstrates the importance of providing us with the highest quality images as possible!

How to Send us Photos and Videos

If you are sending over multiple photos or videos, we recommend using something like Google Drive or Dropbox so you can share the content using a link. If you try sending larger sized photos and videos through email, you will likely run into issues with your email provider not being able to send larger sized files.

Also, you can click here and upload your photos and videos to this folder. Please send us an email at letting us know you have uploaded the content.

Pug Pro Tip: Check out our eBook The Magic of Photography and Videography to learn all you need to know about taking awesome photos and videos of your facility!

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