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Best Practices When Switching Email Clients/Providers
Best Practices When Switching Email Clients/Providers

Learn how to switch email clients by verifying domain ownership and without interrupting your website.

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Let's say your domain name is and you want emails that are sent to to be sent to your new Microsoft Outlook email account.

When you are switching email clients/providers, part of the process is verifying your domain ownership so any emails that are sent to will go to your email client and not some bad actor. Let's have a look at how to verify your domain ownership so your new email client will be up and running in no time!

Verifying Domain Ownership

When you partner with StoragePug, you own your domain name. Using our example of, you may have acquired that domain name through services such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, Wix, or any other domain name registrar provider.

StoragePug hosts your domain name and website on our servers, though. With this in mind, below are the steps to get your domain verified so you can start receiving emails in your new email client.

  1. DO NOT change your name servers on your domain name registrar platform.

    1. As mentioned, we host your domain name on our servers. If you are using GoDaddy, for example, as your domain registrar, do not update the name servers as it will cause your website to go down and not be accessible.

  2. Login to your new email clients admin dashboard (Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, etc.) so you can generate a DNS record to verify your domain. You will send that DNS record, often a TXT or MX record, to StoragePug so we can add the record as we host your domain name.

  3. Once we have added the DNS record, we will reach out to you to let you know the record has been added. You will then login to your email clients admin dashboard and Verify that the DNS record has been added to your domain host.

    1. In some cases, your email client will generate additional DNS records that needed to be added before your domain ownership can be verified. In this case, send us those records so we can add them. Once the additional records have been added, we will let you know so you can try to Verify domain ownership again.

  4. Once the domain has been verified, you will now be able to receive emails sent to your domain name address in your new email client! For our hypothetical example, emails sent to will now be accessible in your Microsoft Office email client program.

PRO PUG TIP: When switching email clients, we recommend reaching out to our Client Success team at so we can help coordinate the process.

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