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Allow Future Move-ins in SiteLink
Allow Future Move-ins in SiteLink

If you have units to fill, flexibility with move-in dates could lead to higher conversions.

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By default, when customers rent or reserve online, the move-in date is set to today only. This is advantageous for multiple reasons:

  1. Customers don't take up a unit that someone else can lease.

  2. Reservations don't "leave you hanging" and never show up, causing you to miss out on a sale.

That said, there are great reasons to allow future move-ins.

  1. If you have a lot of units to rent, flexibility will help conversions.

  2. If your facility is in a "destination" location, your customers might be planning ahead of time!

How to Enable Future Move-ins in SiteLink

  1. Open SiteLink Web Edition

  2. Go to Setup

  3. Go to Site Setup

  4. Go to Program Defaults

  5. Go to the "Move In" tab

  6. Select the "Require the tenant to be moved in on todays' or future dates" option

Once that's done, let us know how many days in advance you'd like to allow customers to move in.

While we can let customers pick any date in the future, we recommend:

  • 7 days in advance

  • 14 days in advance

  • 30 days in advance (in extreme situations)

Some Fun Screenshots

This is how same-day move-ins look on your website:

This is how future move-ins look on your website:

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