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How to Setup an Admin Fee in SiteLink
How to Setup an Admin Fee in SiteLink

This article will detail how to setup an administration fee in SiteLink so that charge can be applied in your online rentals.

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What's an awesome storage tool that rhymes with Tennessee and sweet tea? Administration Fee! But in all seriousness, charging an admin fee is an effective way to offset some of the administrative costs that you have as a self storage operator.

You may be asking yourself, "How do I make sure I get one of those shiny admin fees on my site?" Well we're here to show you how to do just that!

Create an Admin Fee in SiteLink

First, you will need to create an administration fee in SiteLink. You'll do so by going into SiteLink: Company>Setup>Charges

Once the admin fee has been created, you'll want to make sure that the column that says Used has an X by it. This means you are setup to use that administration fee for rentals once you enable it:

Enable Admin Fee

Once you have created the administration fee in SiteLink, you will need enable that fee so the charge will be added to rentals at move in: Company>Setup>Program defaults>Move In

Make sure the checkbox to Charge the default Administrative Fee at move in is checked:

If you setup a new admin fee or made any changes to an admin fee, reach out to our Client Success team by either sending us an email at or by using our chat option on the Insights platform at We will make sure that the new or updated admin fee will be applied to your online rentals!

Pro Pug Tip: We auto-sync with your SiteLink four times a day: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 9pm. When you make changes in SiteLink between any of those sync times, the changes will be reflected on the website once the next auto-sync completes. However, you can also contact our Client Success team and we can do a manual sync to expedite the changes on the website.

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