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Why Google Business Profile (GBP) Information Can Change
Why Google Business Profile (GBP) Information Can Change

This article will discuss why your Google Business Profile's information and details might change without you making the edit.

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Why did my information change?

So you are having a look at your Google Business Profile, and you notice that the business hours have changed. You, or anyone on your team, didn't make the change, so how did it happen!?

An important detail to remember with Google is that it collects information from as many sources as possible in order to find the most consistent answer for the results it posts. With that in mind, let's look at the couple different ways your GBP information and details can change without you making the edit:

  • At any time, people can suggest changes to your GBP from the search results. When that happens, an email is sent to the account owner(s) of the GBP. If no response to the edit is given, then Google may accept that new information as a legitimate change.

  • GBP information being inconsistent with other websites can also cause changes in the GBP to occur. Google pulls information from many sources (websites, social media, review articles, etc.). New information may be changed to match what Google finds consistently from multiple other sources.

What can I do about it?

Great question! It all comes down to monitoring your Google Business Profile. Being on top of the emails and updates you receive is a great way to make sure the information remains consistent on the business listing.

Another method would be Google searching your business to see what other platforms your business may be listed on. For example, if you have a Yelp profile that has conflicting business details and information, you will want to get that listing updated. Having consistent business details and information across different sites and platforms can help make sure your GBP info does not change.


Check out this great video explanation by Ranking Academy:

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