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How to Add a Custom Autopay Terms Message
How to Add a Custom Autopay Terms Message

Using Location Editor, you can add a custom message to your autopay terms during the rental process.

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Sometimes, you might want to add a little extra info for tenants to approve before renting online. That's where the "Autopay Terms" feature comes in handy!

Here's how you can make it happen using the Location Editor tool:

  1. Log into insights ->

  2. Pick your Account, if you have multiple

  3. Click on "Locations"

  4. Select the location you want to edit

  5. Click on the "Success Messages" tab

  6. Update your "AutoPay Terms" as needed

  7. Click "Save Updates"

  8. Last but not least, publish your changes! You can also contact us to publish the changes for you if you're not sure how.

That's it!

Here's a screenshot of the "Success Messages" settings:

And here's how it looks on your website:

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