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Unit Images on Your StoragePug Website
Unit Images on Your StoragePug Website

Learn about the various image options available for units on your website and how we determine which image is used.

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StoragePug has got you covered when it comes to offering images that best represent your unit type offerings!

Determining Which Image is Used

The image we use for a given unit is determined by the unit type name in SiteLink. We look for certain keywords in your unit type name that dictate which image will be used:

Let's say you offer locker storage at your facility and would like to use an image of a locker. No problem, we've got a locker image that can be used!

To use the locker image, we need to see the locker keyword in your unit type name in SiteLink:

Note: You may have a unit type name that contains multiple keywords we look for when determining which image to use:

In the above example, there are four keywords we look for in the unit type name that have corresponding images - Parking, RV, Boat and Trailer.

Since we can only use one image for the unit type, the keyword RV takes precedence over the other keywords. That said, we would display a picture of a RV for this unit type.

Image Gallery and Keyword List

Below is the gallery of available images and their corresponding keywords. As mentioned above, keywords are subject to precedence in situations where we identify more than one keyword being used in the unit type name.

The list of images below is in order of precedence with regard to the keyword:

  • RV

  • Boat

  • Camper

  • Motorcycle

  • Locker

  • Wine

  • Office

  • Mail/Package

  • Semi/18 Wheeler

  • Trailer

  • Park(ing)

  • Container

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to as our Client Success team is always happy to help!

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