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How to Track Conversions in Google Ads
How to Track Conversions in Google Ads

Learn how to track the conversion events that matter to you when running a Google Ads campaign.

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Your StoragePug website automatically tracks many important conversion events. You can use this to your advantage when running a Google Ads campaign. We’ve made sure that this process is seamless whether you’re a Google Ads pro or you’re just starting out.

Let’s take a look at how you can set up your Google Ads conversions tracking to track key conversion points on your StoragePug site.

Video Guide

You can watch this video for a step-by-step guide. We also detail the steps below the video!

Before You Read

We’ll walk you through two major steps in setting up your conversion tracking.

The first step will be to confirm event tracking in your Google Analytics account.

The second step is linking your Google Analytics 4 account to your Google Ads account and setting up conversion tracking.

What Your StoragePug Site Tracks

Your StoragePug site automatically tracks the most important conversion types in self storage.

  1. Rent a Unit button clicked

  2. Rent a Unit payment successful

  3. Reserve a Unit button clicked

  4. Reserve a Unit successful

  5. Request a Quote

  6. Contact Form submission

These should already be set up in your Google Analytics 4 account.

Note: Because of how StoragePug sites send data to Google, Google Tag Manager is unnecessary and redundant for most purposes.

Step 1: Confirming Google Analytics Event Tracking

Follow these steps to confirm the correct events are being tracked as conversions.

  1. Sign into Google Analytics

  2. Navigate to Admin on the bottom left

  3. Click on Events under your GA4 property

  4. Use the toggles on the right to mark events as conversions

Step 2: Set Up Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

Once you’ve confirmed that you have the events you desire marked as conversions in Google Analytics, follow these steps to set up your conversion tracking.

  1. Sign into Google Ads

  2. Navigate to Tools and Settings at the top

  3. Click on Linked Accounts under Setup

  4. Find Google Analytics (GA4) & Firebase

  5. On the right, click either Details or Manage & link, depending on what you see

  6. Find your GA4 account and link it. If it’s already linked, DO NOT PRESS UNLINK

  7. Navigate to Tools and Settings then click Conversions under Measurement

  8. Click the blue New conversion action button

  9. Click Import

  10. Select Google Analytics 4 properties and then mark Web

  11. Press Continue at the bottom left of this screen

  12. Mark the checkbox to the left of all events you wish to track as conversions

    Note: There is always a purchase event added as default by Google. Your StoragePug website does not use that event. Do not check the box to track this event.

  13. Press the Import and continue button at the bottom

You're Finished!

Once the import completes, click Done!

Your conversion tracking is now set up. Any time someone rents a unit, reserves a unit, requests a quote, or completes any other action you marked as a conversion after coming from a Google Ad, you'll know about it.

This lets you make informed decisions about your ad spend and the return it brings you.

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