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Edit Confirmation/Success Messages in Insights
Edit Confirmation/Success Messages in Insights

Learn how to view and edit your rental, reservation, and move-out confirmation messages in Insights.

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Confirmation messages (or success messages) confirm for your customer that the action they took on your website was successful. It also serves as a chance to deliver some pertinent information.

Let's look at how you can view these messages and edit them in Insights.

Finding Your Success Messages

  1. Log into your Insights account.

  2. Click Locations on the left-hand sidebar.

  3. Find the facility you'd like to view success messages for and click the Edit button on the right.

  4. Click SUCCESS MESSAGES at the top of the page.

    This is where you'll view your success messages.
    You can also edit them in this same place.

Types of Success Messages

There are four types of success messages:

AutoPay Terms

The message you set for AutoPay Terms will display on the payment screen during an online rental.

It is NOT included in any emails.

Rental Success Messages

The message in this box will be emailed to customers after they successfully rent a storage unit on your website.

It is also displayed on the confirmation screen when the unit is rented.

Reservation Success Messages

If you have reservations turned on, the message in this box will be emailed to customers after they successfully reserve a storage unit on your website.

It is also displayed on the confirmation screen when the unit is reserved.

Schedule Move Out Confirmation Message

If a tenant schedules a move-out in the customer portal, the message in this box is added to the top of the email they receive.

You must have move-outs enabled in the customer portal for this to work.

How to Edit Your Success Messages

Editing your success messages is easy! Follow these steps to make changes:

  1. Navigate to your success messages as detailed above.

  2. Edit the text in the box for whichever success message you want to be changed. You can even embed hyperlinks in your message as needed.

  3. Once ALL changes are made to any messages you are editing, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the button on the left.

  4. The button here will be gray and say All good before changes are made. Once you make any changes, it turns purple and says Save Updates.

  5. Click the Save Updates button.

  6. Scroll back to the top of the page and click Publish changes to make the changes live on your website.

NOTE: The changes will NOT go live until you hit Publish changes, even if you've hit Save Updates.

Success Message Best Practices

Here are some best practices for writing your success messages to help make sure you're getting the most out of them!

Introduce your company at the beginning

This can be as simple as saying, "Thank you for renting with FACILITY NAME!" Including your company or facility name at the start makes customers less likely to ignore it and more likely to trust it.

Keep it as short as possible while delivering the necessary information

For the best chance of delivering the information you need to deliver, keep the message as short and direct as you can.

Don't overload your customer

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. Only choose the information that is important for the customer to have immediately after the action that prompts the success message.

Any additional information runs the risk of overloading the customer and causing them to forget the important information or just not read the message at all.

Provide "next steps" for your customer

Providing the next steps in a success message helps set your customer's expectations.

These can be steps you will take, or they can be steps your customer must take.

For example, if the next step is reaching out to them via a phone call, you could say, "Next Steps: We will reach out to confirm your reservation via the phone number you supplied."

Provide a way for customers to contact you

Whether it's a phone number, an email, or instructions for using a contact form on your website, give customers a way to reach out to you and include it in the success message.

Don't write bulky paragraphs

People don't usually read an entire paragraph in an email or on a webpage. At best, they skim it. At worst, they skip it entirely.

Instead, keep each line of the message to a sentence or two if possible.

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