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How to Share Access to SiteLink Reports
How to Share Access to SiteLink Reports

Learn how to share access to reports for the StoragePug user you created in SiteLink.

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Why We Request Access to Reports?

When it comes to evaluating website and facility performance, it is helpful to have access to your reports in SiteLink.

Being able to see things like occupancy rates, net move-ins, expired reservations, etc. help our team better asses the performance of your website and facility.

How to Grant StoragePug Access to Reports

Granting StoragePug access to your reports in SiteLink is easy!

  1. In SiteLink Corporate Control center, click on Corporate Users and Rights and then select Users:

  2. Find the user created for StoragePug and then click Edit:


  3. Make sure All Sites is checked under the Rights column, and the check All Reports under the Permitted Rights section:

And that's it!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Client Success team at!

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