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Discounts That Can Help You Significantly Boost Your Storage Business
Discounts That Can Help You Significantly Boost Your Storage Business

A list of unique self storage discounts that can help convert leads into paying customers!

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Here at StoragePug, we make it our mission to give you the best shot at success, and achieving the most profitable returns at your storage facilities. It is a proven fact that consumers love to get (or think they’re getting) something for free.

With the average tenant renting 10 months, there is more than plenty of time to make the money back and gain profits when you provide discounts. Here are some things to think about as you consider your discount options:

  • What exactly are the goals we want to achieve achieve by discounting?

  • How much business will we now win that we would have otherwise lost to a competitor?

  • What’s the benefit to us if someone buys sooner rather than later?(We all know the urgency with which we capture our leads is vital to them renting).

Unique Discount Ideas

At StoragePug, we put our heads together, did the work for you, and brainstormed for ideas that provide more creative/enticing discounts that your customers will love:

  • Free Visa Gift card - Who doesn't love free gift cards?! Customers see it as getting free money. This is a great replacement for 1st month free or $1 specials. We LOVE this one!

  • Free Starbucks Gift card gifted with move-in.

  • Pizza gift card - This will be highly appreciated as everyone orders pizza when they are moving

  • 2 Free Movie Tickets

  • Local Grocery/Store Gift card

  • Free Disk Lock

  • Free X months of Netflix - Many people are already paying for this service and would appreciate a gift of a bill replacement for X amount of months.

  • Free massage gift card - great for the aches and pains of moving. Shows that you care.

Common Self Storage Discounts

If you're looking for a pulse on what others may be doing, search no more. Here’s a more traditional list of discounts that our storagePug-family facilities around the country have been running. Some of our customers are using these with solid results:

  • $1 Move-in Special

  • First full month 50%

  • First two months 50% off

  • First 3 full months 50%

  • 25% off four months

  • $25 off first month

  • Second Month Free

  • Free Month Special

  • $20.20 New Year Special

  • 2 MO FREE! Pay $15 + 1st Month - They are sharing a $15 admin fee and prorated first months and giving next 2 months free

  • Web discount - 10% discount for life

  • 10% off with prepay for 3 months

  • Holiday Special - 50% first two months rent.

  • Units size-specific discount for life - EX 10X10 Discount - Our client gives a 10% discount for life when the occupancy is less than X%.

Being successful in this field depends on many factors. Among others, keeping your rent competitive, having a strong online presence including social media, employing a highly trained manager with solid customer service skills, and providing an enticing loop of discounts share with your customers is vital to beating out your competitors.

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