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How to Enable & Disable Website Discounts Through SiteLink
How to Enable & Disable Website Discounts Through SiteLink

How you can offer discounts on your StoragePug self-storage website.

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You have full control over which discounts and specials show up on the website! It all starts in SiteLink.

Your website should be displaying discounts

In a competitive market, discounts can be a great way to get new customers to move in. Whether you're expanding, building, or simply need to fill up units, offering discounts through your website can be a great way to increase your occupancy.

Setting Up the Discount

In case you're short on time and don't want to watch the whole video, here are the most important parts of the discount setup:

In SiteLink under the Set-Up tab

  1. Select discount settings

  2. Name your discount (this is the name that will appear on the website)

  3. Select your rent category, type, and expiration (timeframe of the discount)

  4. Make sure the "Website" check box is selected.

  5. Adjust the amount type

  6. Select the "use for category" (Move-ins only is the most popular option for move in discounts.)

  7. Select the activation time frame (the amount of time you are running the promotion)

  8. Select the Unit Occupancy restrictions (make sure to adjust this number, do not leave it at 0%)

  9. Select the units you would like to apply the discount to

SiteLink Discount Setup

To learn how to offer discounts on your SiteLink-enabled StoragePug Website, check out this video here.

Disabling Discounts

When it comes to disabling discounts, there are a few options.

  1. You can change the "Discount Availability" from "Everywhere" to just "Client and MyHub". This will take the discount off the website, but still, allow you to apply the discount in person for the particular unit types/sizes they care about.

  2. Edit the discount plan and remove the units that it is assigned to. See screenshot below.

  3. You can delete the discount plan entirely.

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