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Setting Up Discounts in SiteLink
Setting Up Discounts in SiteLink

Learn about the best way to setup your discounts in SiteLink so they display correctly on your StoragePug website.

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Discounts in SiteLink

Discounts in SiteLink should be setup so they are only applied to ONE unit type. That is, you do not want to setup a discount that is applied to, say, Temperature Controlled and Drive Up unit types.

If you setup a discount in SiteLink and apply it to more than one unit type, you may run into a situation where the discount is being applied to unit sizes and types that are not listed on the discount.

Setting Up a Discount for One Unit Type

The example below shows the 20% Off 6 Months discount is only applied to Temperature Controlled units, and this is how it should be:

Now if you want to apply the same 20% Off 6 Months discount to Drive Up units, then you should create a new discount in SiteLink and only apply the discount to Drive Up units.

The catch is you have to change the name of the discount slightly as you cannot have two discounts setup with the exact same name. So for the same discount that you want applied to Drive Up units, you might name the discount: 20% off 6 Months

You will notice that the discount name for the Drive Up units in our hypothetical example above uses a lowercase โ€œoโ€ in the word off, which is enough of a difference to work.

  • Temperature Controlled Discount - 20% Off 6 Months

  • Drive Up Discount - 20% off 6 Months

Have a look at the video below that goes into some more specific detail. Also, we walk through an example scenario in the video that hopefully helps this all make sense!

Using this approach to set up your discounts in SiteLink will ensure they appear correctly on your StoragePug website!

PRO PUG TIP: Thinking about what types of discounts you should offer? Check out this article for some ideas!

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