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Insights Short Rental Form
Insights Short Rental Form

You got a new website rental. This article will explain what that means, what we collect, your customer's expectations, and what to do next.

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This article will cover how our short rental form integrates with SiteLink during and after a rental on your website.

Alright, let's jump in!

What Information is Gathered From An Online Rental?

StoragePug collects the basic amount of information. We do this because our PugMagic shows that the fewer questions you ask during a rental, the more likely people are to completing that process.

We collect your customers:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Web Password

  • Discount (Optional)

  • Insurance (Optional)

  • Payment with or without Autopay

What Happens After An Online Rental?

When a customer rents a unit through your StoragePug website that is integrated with SiteLink, your customer will be moved into that specific unit in SiteLink. All payments/charges will be processed and applied to that customer ledger.

What Was Your Customer Told and What They Expect?

After your customer finishes an online rental, they see a confirmation screen with a customizable message.

The default message thanks them for renting a unit and instruct them to come to the facility during office hours to finish the paperwork and get access to the facility.

This message is customizable so that you can guide customers on what to do next, how to get to the facility or anything they need to know before they arrive!

We also send your customer a confirmation email with all of their rental details and the same confirmation message they saw on the website.

Check out these articles to see all of our automated confirmation emails:

What You Should Do After An Online Rental

You got this! You will want to make sure that you collect the remainder of the required information from your customer like their address, alternate contact information, and driver's license.

You will also need to have them sign their lease and other required documents. You also don't want to forget to give them an access code to the facility.

Pug Pro Tip: Call them within 15 minutes of them completing the rental. This will allow you to give this customer that awesome personal experience that they would have gotten if they were an in-person rental.

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