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Quote Requests in Lead to Lease
Quote Requests in Lead to Lease

This will explain how quote requests appear in lead to Lease in SiteLink.

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When a potential tenant tries to rent a unit size that is completely occupied, it will take them to a contact form.

Once the potential tenant completes and submits the form, they get the following confirmation message.

Because SiteLink does not have a waitlist function, this form comes to the manager as a Lead in Lead to Lease. Leads must have a unit number associated with them, so a random unit number is applied to this lead. That is the only way for SiteLink to accept their information.

With all that being said, the potential tenant is not technically renting a unit, nor are they expecting to reserve a unit. It's just a way for the manager to have contact information in lead to lease so that they may reach out to the potential tenant once that size becomes available, or to discuss other unit sizes.

Manager Email

Every time a quote request is submitted, we also send the facility manager an email confirmation. Check out the example below!

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