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The Customers Steps for A Fully Automated Rental with SiteLink Integration
The Customers Steps for A Fully Automated Rental with SiteLink Integration

This article will explain the steps a customer takes for a fully automated rental with StoragePug's SiteLink Integration.

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StoragePug offers two types of rental options for SiteLink integrated websites:

We highly recommend using our Short Rental Form, but if you are a facility that is unmanned and you want the whole flow automated, below are the steps your customers take when renting a unit.

Pug Pro Tip: Only use the fully automated rental option if you have to. Our stats show, the fewer questions and steps, the more rentals you get! It's as simple as that!

Customer Steps:

1. Selecting Their Unit, Discount, and Insurance

The customer will select the unit they are interested in renting and their move-in date. They can also select insurance and discounts if you have them available in SiteLink.

2. Enter Personal Details

The customer will enter their personal details so that a tenant profile can be created. We will collect the following info:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Cell Phone Number

  • Password

  • Address

  • Drivers License State

  • Drivers License Number

  • Alternate Contact Name

  • Alternate Contact Phone Number

3. Credit Card and Autopay

The customer will enter their payment information. By default, we check the enroll in autopay box, but they have the ability to uncheck that option. They will also enter their billing address.

4. SiteLink eSign

Your customer will be asked to click the Sign lease button that will bring them to the SiteLink eSign screen.

5. Confirmation Screen & Gate Code Email

Once the lease has been completed, they will be brought to a confirmation screen that you can add a custom confirmation message. This is perfect for sharing their next steps on accessing the facility.

We will also send the customer a second email with their gate code that was generated by SiteLink. This can be turned on or off depending on your self storage facility needs.

Important Notes

  • SiteLink Esign will pull in the rented units' corresponding lease, lease summary, autopay form, & insurance sign-up form. No additional or custom forms will be pulled into the online lease signing screen. If you need additional information or forms, you can:

    • Copy the form you need and paste it to the bottom of the lease form in SiteLink. This will ensure the info is collected online and will live on the lease instead of a custom form.

    • Generate those forms after the rental and email the links to the customer to sign.

  • In the case that the Tenant doesn't sign the Lease, don't worry we send them a reminder email that returns them to the lease.

  • The gate code only gets sent if the Tenant successfully signs the Lease.

  • As soon as a customer does sign a lease, we will send the manager an email letting them know.

Be sure to check out our Short Rental Form option to get the most out of your website!

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